Lots of Columbus Cup Points at Stake this Week

There are four match ups this week between Columbus county teams on the hardwood. Tuesday has Whiteville at South Columbus. Wednesday East Columbus visits West Columbus. Friday West Columbus is at Whiteville and East Columbus is at South Columbus.
It is important to note that while the Three Rivers Conference does not recognize JV champions in conference play, the Columbus Cup DOES award points in JV match ups between Columbus County schools.
CCCA will broadcast audio of East at South, Friday night on 89.9 FM and wzco.org. a link to the video will also be available at wzco.org.

Stallions, Wolfpack “Even” Heading Into 2016

South Columbus and Whiteville both have earned 92 Columbus Cup points heading into 2016. However, the Stallions will not receive 5 bonus points at the end of the Boys Varsity Basketball regular season due to an ejection. In addition, South will lose 3 bonus points due to a second ejection.

East Columbus still holds a solid lead over West Columbus for third place.

The Columbus Cup is a yearlong competition among the athletic teams of the four public high schools in Columbus County. Points are awarded for wins over other Columbus County teams. Points are awarded for no ejections in a sport’s regular season and may be deducted for multiple ejections.
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