Columbus Cup Standings After Winter Sports

A strong showing by East Columbus in varsity girls, jayvee girls and jayvee boys basketball has lifted the Gators into second place in the Columbus Cup standings. The Gators hold a slim 118.6 to 115 lead over South Columbus heading into a point-filled spring season.
Whiteville was able to lengthen its lead, sweeping six varsity boys basketball games and winning four of six varsity girls basketball games.
West Columbus is now the only school that has captured all of the available “sportsmanship” points.
In individual categories, Whiteville leads varsity boys 52 to 37 over South Columbus. Whiteville leads East Columbus 57 to 49.8 in varsity girls. South is a close third with 45 points. East Columbus leads jayvee boys 20.2 to 19 over Whiteville. East Columbus has a 7.2 point lead in jayvee girls with South at 22, West at 20.2 and Whiteville at 20.
Columbus Cup points will be up for grabs the first week of March in Boys Tennis matches.