Stallions Hold Slim Lead After Fall Sports

One of the primary reasons for the formation of the Columbus Cup competition was to give more recognition for junior varsity sports results. South Columbus’ two-point lead after the completion of regular season fall sports can be directly attributed to their success in junior varsity volleyball.
South Columbus has a 70 to 68 lead over Whiteville entering the winter sports season. Both schools varsity boys and girls teams earned 30 points each. South Columbus’ football win over Whiteville was offset by two Whiteville boys soccer victories over South. Two Stallion wins in volleyball over Whiteville were matched by two Wolfpack girls tennis victories against the Stallions.
The small difference comes from 10 points earned by South’s junior varsity volleyball squad. Whiteville earned four points in JV volleyball and received four points for their victory over South in JV football. Whiteville did not receive any points for a second win over the Stallions in JV football as only regularly scheduled conference match ups earn points.
Despite currently residing in fourth place, West Columbus played a major role in the standings. The Vikings victory over Whiteville in JV volleyball is the difference between the top two teams.
East Columbus is involved in a tight race with South and Whiteville for supremacy in junior varsity girls. Two points separated those three schools.
Lots of points are at stake this winter with varsity and junior varsity basketball contests and girls and boys bowling.