Pitch Count Numbers, Some Do, Some….., Update

The enforcement of the “Pitch count” rule or more accurately, the accountability factor in the pitch count stat keeping, was a major concern. Apparently not for everyone. One local school has yet to put a pitch count number in MaxPreps, while several others are hit and miss.

The previous sentence was written March 30. Since that time, the aforementioned school has entered pitch count numbers for every game except its most recent.

There is also a problem with the pitch counts for JV teams. It seems like the attitude is “well, it’s just JV.” I didn’t realize that the value placed on a player’s well-being was determined by the level that he competes.

I definitely agree with South Columbus coach Bradley Strickland that the 11am deadline the next morning can be difficult depending on your class schedule. It also is patently unfair to not allow coaches an opportunity after games to simply put it behind them for some family time. However, entering the information by 3 pm the next day would be more realistic.

Erwin High School is the first school to forfeit a game due to using an ineligible pitcher due to pitch count. Erwin self-reported the violation from a game that took place against Enka, March 28.

I invite you to take a look at the pitch count numbers on this webpage and see what they reveal.

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