About Cup Points

How the Winner is Determined:

Points are awarded for wins against other Columbus County schools.

Endowment, tournament and playoff contests DO NOT count in the standings.

A team will earn 5 bonus points if no player or coach is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct or a flagrant foul/malicious contact penalty during the regular season in any contest of that team. For the 1st ejection of a player or coach, the team will not receive the 5 bonus points. For any subsequent ejection of a player or coach on that team 3 additional points will be deducted.

The Columbus County high school track meet results will be used to determine assignation of points to schools.

The order of finish in the TRC golf tournament in relation to other Columbus County schools will determine points earned.

The order of finish in the final regular season bowling standings will determine points earned. Bowling points are calculated as junior varsity points since the sport is not under the auspices of the NCHSAA.

The first tiebreaker will be points earned in head to head competition. The second tiebreaker will be the higher number of overall Columbus Cup wins. The third tiebreaker will be the number of wins head to head.

An enrollment factor has been placed into the competition due to the significant difference in student body sizes. When East or West defeats Whiteville or South a multiplier of 1.5 is used to determine the points earned.

Varsity Sport Point Value                                 Junior Varsity Point Value

Football 6                                                                       Football 4

Volleyball 3                                                                     Volleyball 2

Boys Soccer 3

Girls Tennis 3

Boys Basketball 3                                                       Boys Basketball 2

Girls Basketball 3                                                       Girls Basketball 2

Baseball 3                                                                    Baseball 2

Softball 3                                                                      Softball 2

Girls Soccer 3

Golf     1st: 6, 2nd: 4, 3rd: 2, 4th: 1

Boys Track & Girls Track: 1st: 6, 2nd: 4, 3rd: 2, 4th:1

Boys Bowling & Girls Bowling   1st: 4, 2nd: 3, 3rd: 2, 4th: 1

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