Episode 05 – Bonnie Paulson

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Born and raised in the Inland Northwest, Bonnie has a degree in Radiology Technology – yes, you can bring broken bones her way – as well as multiple years experience in the medical transcription field.

Six children and a yummy husband chase through the hills with her on dirt bikes in pursuit of the perfect trail. Dirt and mud are no deterrence. In fact, Bonnie prefers the rain.


She’s discovering she likes writing dark and twisty and can’t help but wonder why.

The characters in her stories beg to be let out and it’s all she can do to keep up. You’ll find different storylines where the hero and heroine tell their own story. Bonnie is just as surprised as you by what happens. She’s cried writing a scene or two. Heck, she’s jumped, too!

Sometimes, she thinks she is Joan Wilder.

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I look forward to see you again in the next story!

barely alive

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To learn more about Bonnie Paulson go to http://www.bonnierpaulson.com/



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