Episode 25 – Devyn Dawson

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I’ve thought of myself as a writer for as long as I can remember. Being a grown up with a grown up job and a family to raise, left me with little time to write. Everyone is grown up now, and I get to do something I want to do. My love of young adult books helped mold me into the paranormal writer I am today.

The books that I write reflect the type of books that I like to read. When I was in high school, I read Stephen King and Sweet Valley High. I think that is the type of book I write….something that merges that together. You’ll find my writing style to have an intricate story weaved within the main story. The characters have depth and many have flaws. Recently, I stepped away from YA books and wrote two NA books, one is paranormal romance and the other is w tragic romance. Cry Me a River is my first non-paranormal book. It is a gritty, sexy, jaw dropping, book hangover kind of story.

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