How much does it cost?
The service is $20 a month.

What does that include?
We provide one high quality stream for your website (96kbps MP3), one stream specifically for iPhones (32kbps AAC) , and one for your FREE Android App (48kbps Mp3 mono). We also provide a fourth stream to be used as a remote. We will work with you to set the specs on this stream. We provide a free webpage that your listeners can use to listen to your station or church through their phone, tablet or computer.

How does my audio get to you?
We provide several open-source software options. You provide a computer. This doesn’t have to be state of the art; it can be a P4 with windows XP or greater. It should have  decent soundcard, but good quality USB soundcards can be purchased for decent rates. Once the software is installed on your computer, fire it up and begin streaming. The sound will be transferred over the internet to our servers where your listeners can connect.



 Am I limited by the number of users or the amount of bandwidth?
You are limited to 50 concurrent users, and a 100 GB of bandwidth a month. This roughly translates to 50 listeners a day for 6 hrs per day, for a month. We will never disconnect you if you go over. We may approach you for a modest increase in monthly cost if it occurs long term.

Our organization only works on a purchase order basis, so we cant do paypal or credit card. What should we do?
This is absolutely no problem. If you are a government or educational entity, we will bill you quarterly AFTER the service has been provided. This should make school accountants happy!

What does the free app include and can you do an iPhone app for us?
The app will include a player with your stream embedded, and a link to your website. An example is here:

We may offer an iPhone app soon, but at this point the time it takes to get a custom app approved if cost-prohibitive, especially to LPFMs and schools. Our stream page (example here) provides a stream that all devices, including iPhones and Ipads can play. This free streaming page is provided free with your account. You can also embed the links directly into your page. If you are an LPFM station, we will submit your stream to the popular Tune-in app. It will make your stream available on all devices, including Blackberry. There is no charge for this submission.

Do you provide services to pay royalties for streaming?
No. Your organization is responsible for paying for all stream-related royalties. We can provide some guidance in this area.

My church has members that can’t make it to services, but arent tech savy. How can they listen?

There are a few options. Of course any internet-connected device can access the stream.
If they have an internet connection but no computer, you could purchase one of these, If they don’t have internet at all, churches could purchase disposable phones with data loaded on them.  Six months of church services would be under 1 GB of data.

But they don’t have internet….
You could take an older computer with a modem, use a service like JUNO, and get on the internet. If this is a need, we will create a special connection just for the dialup users.


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